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Professional Wedding Photos!!!!

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YAY!!!! The wedding photos are finally online!!! There is a link to the side w/ the password, but just so it’s on here you just need to go to and click on the picture of Darrell and me and then put in the password B2449. Make sure the B is capital and enjoy!! Leave me comments here and let me know how you like them!!!!!

My new Social Security Card

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I received my new social security card in the mail yesterday! Yay! It’s funny, it’s long, it says :

Kristy Rose

Langstraat Bolte

With no hyphen….very weird….. :o)

Thank You cards

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I wrote every single thank you card this weekend! I had to keep stopping though because it really made my hand hurt! They won’t be mailed out though until a week from today because I have to get the labels from my dad this weekend!!


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Right now my mom is currently working on getting a wedding announcement in the paper @ Elmhurst College, while my dad and me are currenctly working on getting one in the Daily Herald! I’ll post it when it should be in there!!!

Power Point Show

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My friend Melissa had decided to make me a power point show of the wedding and other wedding activities! My dad made a CD with all of the pictures from the wedding shower, my 2 bachelorette parties, the wedding, the reception, the day after, and the honeymoon! Melissa says there were over 600 photos! She is going to pick the best ones and include songs that were used in our ceremony and reception and put together a power point slide for Darrell and me! I’m really excited, because I know it’s going to be amazing!

The day after….

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After a very short night of sleep, Darrell and I had breakfast at our hotel and went in the hot tub. Then we had to say goodbye to my brother Randy who was going back home to Colorado. We also said goodbye to Randy’s girlfriend Amanda who will be visiting with her family for a few days until she also goes back home to Colorado on the train on Wednesday. After us and my parents checked out, we took my family from Iowa and we put our dress and tux back on and took some pictures at the Fabyan Windmill in Batavia. I even put on my wooden shoes for these pictures! I had to do something Dutch!! Then we all went to Somonauk to take some pictures with Darrell’s dad’s grave. We also met Darrell’s mom, brother Rodney, sister Lanette and Bob there. After that we said goodbye to them because Lanette and Bob had to go back home to Michigan. Then Darrell and me brought the tuxes back to Men’s Warehouse and dropped off my bouquet to the floral preservation place. Then we all came to our house and opened up our presents! Yay! Then we had dinner at Benedict’s in Montgomery. Then my parent’s went home and I rode with my family from Iowa back to their hotel (because my car was still there). I then had to say goodbye to my Grandpa Pete, my Uncle LeRoy, my Aunt Diane and my Aunt Kathy who will be leaving early tomorrow to go home to Iowa.  It’s so sad that this time together went so fast and that everyone is gone and going back home. Then I drove home to Darrell (he carried me over the threshold which he also did last night at the hotel room!) We opened up all of our cards and now we are relaxing and watching Bee Movie. We will be going to bed now, with lots of things that need to get done tomorrow. If I don’t have time to write tomorrow, we’ll catch up with you again after our honeymoon on our cruise to the Bahamas! Don’t forget to come back!!!

Is it really over?!

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Darrell and me are married!!!! We’re the new Mr. & Mrs. Darrell & Kristy Bolte! I had the best time, I just wish that it wouldn’t have gone by so quickly!!! The ceremony was perfect, I can’t believed I cried though! I can’t believe that I am really married!! The reception was so great too! Thanks to everyone who came, it wouldn’t have been as special without all of you! Thank you to my parents for everything you did for us, I couldn’t have done it without you! Thank you for all the family and friends who came from far away for our special day! Thank you to the wedding party for sharing with us, our perfect day! I can not wait to see the video and all of the pictures too! I really don’t know what else to say. There is so much I’d like to, but everything is just like a whirlwind in my mind and memories. I just can’t believe it seemed like forever when we got engaged on New Year’s Eve, and now it’s over, but that is the way it goes I guess.  Thanks again!Love always,Darrell & Kristy Bolte  

We’re broke!

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On Monday I went to the Gaslite to give them the seating chart and to finalize a bunch of things, and also to pay the final bill!!!! Luckily it’s on credit card and technically I won’t need to worry about it until next month! haha!

Table Name Cards

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This past week I put all the names and table numbers into an excel spreadsheet and on Friday my dad printed out all of our table name cards for the reception!!

Gaslite Manor

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Yesterday I had to call the Gaslite and give them the final count. Then they called me back 10 minutes later and gave me the final bill. You don’t want to know how much it was, lets just say I had a mini heart attack!!!! Hopefully, it will be all worth it though!!


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My parent’s came over today and we all worked together and we got our ceremony programs all finished and we got our gifts for the tables all finished as well! Oh plus we wrapped the gifts for the wedding party!!!!! Lots of things done today!

Hair! Hair! Long beautiful hair!

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So tonight I went to and got my hair very teency weency slightly trimmed, and I got it re-highlighted, and it looks really good! Then Darrell got his wedding haircut tonight too. Also my dad got his hair cut earlier this week, and my mom is going next week! We will all be well groomed for the wedding!

Wedding programs

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Also, this weekend we tried to put together our wedding program, I think it looks pretty good. My dad just needs to tweek a few things, and it should be done pretty quick! It does look good though, if I do say so myself!!

Rehearsal Dinner Menu

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This Saturday my parents came to Shabbona Lake while Darrell and I were camping and we put together the menu for the rehearsal dinner, I just need to call the restaurant now and let them know the menu so they can make it, and also give them the final count for the rehearsal dinner.

2nd Hair Trial Appointment

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Yesterday I went back to Zano’s in Batavia for a second hair and make-up trial. Last Sunday when I went for my first one, I just didn’t like my make-up, my hair was great. So they let me come back so that I would be happy with it. I’m much happier now with how my make-up was done yesterday. Also, even though I loved my hair before, she tried something a little different, and now it’s way better than before! We all loved it much better this time. So now it looks like it will be perfect!!!