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Go-Karting w/ the Rev!

Posted on Sep 07, 2008 under Minister | 3 Comments

Yep, you read it right. Tonight was our final meeting w/ our Reverend, Kirk Moore! He actually suggested that we go go-karting, and so we did! It was so much fun! The 3 of us had a blast! Plus we talked and we got everything figured out, and we are definitely all ready to go now on our wedding ceremony. Rev. Kirk is just a very funny, nice, fun, and down to earth guy…….and yes, he can be professional when he needs to be. I think our ceremony is going to be absolutely wonderful because of him! I can’t wait!

Friday Night

Posted on Apr 12, 2008 under Minister | Comments are off

So last night Darrell & I met Kirk, our Reverend @ Steak ‘n Shake. We basically discussed who was going to be in the ceremony and how we wanted everything to be done, it was very informational and I think we got it all accomplished. We also really got to know eachother! Kirk was very fun and funny and we had a really great time! He even suggested that for our next meeting in August we go go-karting! How cool is that! I think we’re gonna do it!


Posted on Mar 02, 2008 under Minister | 2 Comments

Darrell and I went to a church in Somonauk today, it was a UCC church called Union Congregational. We sat through the service, and then talked w/ the reverend afterwards. I am happy to say that we now finally have someone to perform our wedding. His name is Rev. Kirk Moore. He is very nice, and we both liked him a lot, plus he is really energetic and outgoing and I think will do a really nice job with our ceremony. I’m just glad to have that piece of the puzzle finally in place!!!

The reverend

Posted on Feb 20, 2008 under Minister | Comments are off

This is one subject that I didn’t think would be so hard and yet has been such a pain in my side! I have called tons of people to try to find someone to perform our ceremony. Honestly, the main problem has been the cost!!! These people want $400 or more! And for the majority of them, that is just for the ceremony itself, that doesn’t count the cost of the rehearsal as well as the cost of the initial meeting and any other meetings that need to be set up! I don’t know what anyone else thinks, but to me it is crazy! However, we may have found someone, we won’t know for another week or so, but when we do I’ll post it on here!