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Yep, another bridal show….

Posted on Feb 25, 2008 under Bridal Shows | Comments are off

This past Saturday Darrell, my parents and me went to another bridal show. This time it was at a golf club in Wood Dale. But it was so much better!!!!!! They had all the rooms decorated like a reception room, or a ceremony room, or a wedding shower room and so on. They also had booths set up in each room, where you could go to the tables you wanted to, instead of being forced to go to each one! The best part was they had food and desserts, so that you could try everything! My favorite thing was the chocolate fondue!! I really could have gone for one of those at my wedding or shower, it was sooooo good! My mom liked the champagne fountain (Jennifer that was for you!) We had a really good time at this show, and think that all of them should be like this. Oh, and in the ceremony room, there was this flutist group, and they were so pretty, my mom even asked them to play the song I want at my wedding, it was really nice!

Bridal Shows

Posted on Feb 22, 2008 under Bridal Shows | Comments are off

So we went to a bridal show this past Sunday in Hoffman Estates. I was really looking forward to it. Boy was I wrong! It was horrible! They make you stand in this long line, and they have everything blocked off, so that you HAVE to go to each booth, even if you don’t need those specific services anymore! They all hound you and try to get you to sign up to ‘win’ prizes, then they end up calling you over and over telling you that you supposedly won. Never will I go to one of those again.

However, we are going to a bridal show tomorrow in Wood Dale. I think, and HOPE, that it will be better than the other one, hopefully!!!