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Also it is about time to post a picture of My Preserved Bouquet.  Hope you like this one too.

My bouquet!

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This past Friday night Darrell and me went and picked up my preserved bouquet!!! It looks amazing! It really looks the same as it did in September, over 6 months ago!!!! Of course the stems are gone and it’s been put in a glass container, but we both love it! It is now in our curio cabinet and I will try to get a picture of it on here (along w/ the picture of my dress that I promised!) I can’t wait for everyone to see it!!

My bouquet preservation

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We decided to have my bouquet preserved! We found a place that does it and the owner lives in our subdivision! We talked to our florist, so she is going to have water for the bouquet to go into, and I have the istructions of what to do w/ it after the ceremony. Then the day after the wedding we just have to drop it off, and we will have it back, preserved, in a neat glass container 4 months later!!

Final Florist Appointment

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Yesterday morning Darrell and I went for our final florist appointment. We really love our florist, she is so professional and knows what she is doing and talking about, plus she will be the actual one who will be bringing the flowers the night of our wedding. We finalized everything and made the corrections/additions/changes that need to be and everything is all taken care of. Plus I made the final payment, so now that is all paid and taken care of as well.

It’s Booked!!

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Darrell and I have decided for sure to go w/ Florist & Gifts in Oswego as our florist. We are very happy w/ our choice! We really liked them and plus they were so professional. We feel very comfortable knowing that they will show up and on time! So Monday I stopped by there after work and put down our deposit, so now it’s set, they have that date set for our wedding!!!! Yay!


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We had our other florist appointment today with another florist. It was FANTASTIC! This place is so professional, and the girl we worked with was wonderful! They are going to send us a quote sometime this week, but I think we are definately going to go with them! She really knew what she was talking about and we know we can count on them! I’m very excited about this!


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Darrell & me also went to 3 florists yesterday. The first one was a greenhouse called Shafer’s in Montgomery, IL. We really loved it there, but the lady said she had too many weddings the weekend of our wedding and told us no! We were shocked! What kind of company turns down business!! Oh well, they lose out, not us. So then we went to a place right by our house called Flowers…..In The Country. We loved the name. We sat down with the owner and discussed what we would like. The price though was super expensive and we weren’t really impressed with the place, it wasn’t as professional as we thought it should be. Our last stop was a place called Florist & Gifts just down the street. We had to make an appointment, so it won’t be until April 12, but after that appointment, we’ll have to decide which one of the 2 places we will go with. Keep checking back to find out!