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Posted on Jul 05, 2008 under Our Wedding Bands | Comments are off

I always forget to write about something. Also, this past Wednesday we went back to Roger’s & Holland’s @ Yorktown. Since our rings were in! I picked them up, and we now have them at home. The engraving was correct but small, but still it’s cool to have that on them. The rings themselves are just awesome! They perfectly match eachother as well as my engagement ring!! I can’t wait until Darrell & I get to wear them forever!

Our Wedding Bands

Posted on Jun 28, 2008 under Our Wedding Bands | Comments are off

They are done! They are in!!!! Our rings have been engraved, I just have to go pick them up, which I’m doing this week!

So beautiful

Posted on Jun 22, 2008 under Our Wedding Bands | Comments are off

Last week I got a voicemail saying Darrell’s and my wedding bands were in! So, yesterday Darrell and me went to Roger’s and Holland’s and we got to see them (they are so pretty!) We both love them. Mine matches my engagement ring beautifully and Darrell’s and mine match too. We tried them on, and both of ours fit perfectly as well too. So now, we just sent them out to be engraved!!! My ring will say DLB 9/19/08 and Darrell’s will say KRLB 9/19/08. We can’t wait to get them back again!!!!

Ring Sizing

Posted on Jun 06, 2008 under Our Wedding Bands | 1 Comment

Also, Friday May 30 Darrell & me went back to Yorktown so that he could get his finger sized for his ring!!!! They were completely ordered now!

Wedding Rings again

Posted on May 29, 2008 under Our Wedding Bands, Uncategorized | 1 Comment

Also, last night my dad and me went to Yorktown to go to Roger’s & Holland’s. We decided to price the rings Darrell and me wanted there, and they actually came down some on the price, so we made the purchase. Our wedding rings are on order!! Well almost, Friday night I’m taking Darrell there to get his ring size, and then the order will be placed! Plus we get to have it engraved for free too! Then on Saturday Darrell and me have to go back to Fox Valley to get my deposit back from the Rogers & Holland’s there! Then we’ll be all set!

Wedding Rings

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Darrell and I went to Rogers and Hollands yesterday at Fox Valley Mall. We found matching rings that we both really liked! We just arn’t sure if the price is right or not, so we may go price another place just so we can make sure, but I really do like these rings!!!

Sears @ Fox Valley Mall

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After Steak ‘n Shake we decided to run to Sears to look at wedding bands quick. We didn’t get much accomplished because the man behind the counter wouldn’t leave us alone! He asked us about 10 times in 10 minutes if we needed any help, we kept saying no, but wherever we walked to, he would follow us! That gets very frustrating and so we just left, because we couldn’t look and talk to each other! We need to go back another day, hopefully that same guy won’t be there!

Wedding Bands

Posted on Mar 30, 2008 under Our Wedding Bands | 2 Comments

So tonight, my dad, Darrell and I went to Sears to look at wedding bands. We decided to go the Sears at the Charlestowne Mall in St. Charles. Boy were we disappointed. We picked this location because it was more halfway between my dad and us. However, not only were like every store in the mall closed, but this Sears just seemed smaller. We were looking for the jewelry department, when we finally had to ask, and guess what? This Sears didn’t even have a jewelry department! So, in other words, we never even got to look for wedding bands. Oh well, another day I suppose……..