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Honeymoon photos

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This weekend, Darrell and I also put all of our honeymoon pictures in the album we bought, it has a palm tree on the front! If anyone wants to see them let me know!! I’d be glad to show anybody and everybody!

Honeymoon – Final day

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There wasn’t much this day. We had to get up early, eat our buffet breakfast, checked out, went thru customs AGAIN and then took a taxi to the airport. We got there so early we couldn’t even check in yet. So we just hung around the airport, until we took off and flew back home. My parent’s picked us up and then we shared our vacation with them. For our last few days off from work we just enjoyed eachothers company and are having a great time being husband and wife! (Even though we should have been cleaning the house! haha!)

Honeymoon – Day 4

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Can you guess what we did first? Yep, we had the breakfast buffet! Then we had to go thru customs on the ship, and then we got off the ship and walked to Key West, Florida, we did some more shopping, thanks to my dad we went to the Hemingway House and then to the Southermost point in the continental USA, then for Darrell we went to a Maritime Museum, once back to the ship we went in the hot tub again, we watched the ship leave the port again, then we had the buffet dinner. In the evening we went to the farewell song and dance show and we took a late night walk around the ship! Fun fact: Hemingway house has around 70 cats, all of which either have 6 toes or has the gene that may or may not pass it on to their offspring. Also, they used to sell these cats but now they don’t because they only have enough to keep their 6 toed cat population going! 

Honeymoon – Day 3

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Again we started our day with the breakfast buffet, then we had to take a tender boat to get to CocoCay. Darrell and I went parasailing, which was amazing off of this island!! We went in the ocean for awhile and had a BBQ lunch on the beach, we went back to the ship in the afternoon and went in the ship’s pool and hot tub. Again Darrell wanted to watch the ship de-anchor, I climbed the rock wall on the ship, had dinner, went to the juggler/comedian show (he was on the first season of America’s Got Talent!) We walked around the deck and then we went to the love and marriage game show, which was hillarious! Fun fact: CocoCay is an island owned by Royal Caribbean!

Honeymoon – Day 2

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We had the breakfast buffet, we got off the ship and walked to Nassau, Bahamas, then we did some shopping and took a taxi to Atlantis, what an amazing hotel! Then we went to the beach, in the afternoon we went back to the ship, went to the formal dinner, saw the 70’s musical show, got our picture taken with the captain (we ended up being on the cruise ship dvd because of our picture with the captain!), then we went to the honeymooner party, went to the midnight buffet, saw an ice sculpture demonstration and watched a men’s sexiest legs competition (Darrell wouldn’t join in even though I told him he’d win!). We also heard some dolphins that night while walking the ships decks! Fun facts: The Atlantis beach for non guests costs $150 per person. Gas in Nassau is $5.27. Taxi drivers try to kill you! The Bahamas has 700 islands, only 39 which are inhabited.

Honeymoon – Day 1

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Darrell & I woke up at 3:30am, made our flight to Miami, and then got transportation to get to our cruise ship, Majesty of the Seas! It was amazingly huge! We had a buffet lunch , checked out our room, walked all the floors of the ship to see where everything is , we had our emergency muster drill, we watched the ship leave port (that was for Darrell – he enjoyed watching the ship leave from all of the ports!), we had dinner @ 6, and then we went to the welcome aboard show which was a very funny comedian who had been on Jay Leno! Fun fact: there were 78 honeymooner couples on the ship!


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Well Darrell’s and my honeymoon cruise to the Bahamas is over. We got back Friday night. We had the best time!!!! I know that Darrell really had a good time, and that makes me enjoy it that much more. I have equilibrium problems and syncope so there were times when I could feel the boat swaying so badly that I thought we were going to tip over, the funny part is, no one else seemed to notice it. I really did enjoy everything, especially watching Darrell having so much fun! The only bad thing was ALL OF THE FOOD!!!! They feed you 24/7!!! Darrell ate too much I think, because now he says he needs to go on a diet!!! My dad was jelous because if he ever gets to go on a cruise that is what he would be looking forward to, the food! On Monday we were able to just walk around the ship to see where everything was, there were 12 floors!!! Tuesday we went to Nassau, Bahamas. Wednesday was CoCoCay, Bahamas, Thursday was Key West, Florida, and Friday were were back in Miami. When I have some more time I will write some more about some specific things that we did in each location, plus on the ship. Also, one of these days there will be pictures of our honeymoon (and of the wedding as well!) So please keep checking back for more!!! 

Packing & Eye infection

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What do these have in common you may ask? Well today I have been packing, yes I said I, because Darrell can’t leave the tv while the Bears game is on! I also had to go to the care center at Walgreens today, because I’ve been having a problem with my eye since Friday night. Turns out I have a sty underneath my eye AND I have pink eye! How wonderful right? Remember how I never wear make-up? Well, the day of your wedding is probably not the best time to start! I got these wonderful eye infections because Zano’s didn’t use sterile instruments to apply my make-up!!!!! I now have to put cream on my eye ball! NOT FUN! 3 times a day for a week! Plus Darrell could easily get it if we share towels and washrags and such. Oh well, I’m still being positive because I want to have fun our our honeymoon. I woke up this morning with my eye swollen and not being able to open it more than halfway! Oh well, I gotta go finish packing now…….. Talk to everyone later!!! 

Sundress and bathing suit

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Today Darrell and I had to do some shopping, we went to JCPenney, because I wanted one or two sundresses to take on our honeymoon cruise to the Bahamas. They didn’t have any! Luckily, my parents went to Kohl’s today and they bought me a bunch, I just have to wait until Wednesday to try them on! However, I did find an extra bathing suit to bring, it is cute and was on clearance for $5!!!!! You can’t beat that!!!

Another exciting thing!

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Darrell’s passport arrived in the mail this past Thursday! They said it could take 4-6 weeks, and it only took less than 2 weeks! We’re very happy about that!

Post Office

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It’s amazing a couple weeks ago Darrell & me go to the post office to get his passport, and we wait in line forever just to be told we have the wrong stuff. Then yesterday we go and we were there for about 5 minutes and got it all taken care of. So now in 4-6 weeks Darrell should have his passport and we’ll be all set for our cruise!

Birth Certificate

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Last week while I was in Colorado, Darrell went to the Kane County Courthouse and got his birth certificate… hopefullly tomorrow we are going back to the post office to FINALLY get his passport taken care of!! We’ll let you know!


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So I already have a passport from when I went to Europe through Elmhurst College, but Darrell does not. So we filled out the application online and printed it, we went to Walgreens and got his 2 passport photos taken, and we got his birth certificate. Then yesterday we went to the Naperville post office and stood in line for an hour and a half! It was really boring, and when we finally got into the office, it turned out that what says is his birth certificate is really only a hospital announcement. So, in other words, we wasted our time. Now we have to go to the Kane County Courthouse to pay for his birth certificate. We were both very upset about the whole thing!

Our Honeymoon

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Our first cruise…we can’t wait.  Here’s the ship, Majesty of the Seas.

Majesty of the Seas

Ship Highlights
Rock-climbing wall
Johnny Rockets ’50’s-style restaurant
Sorrento’s Pizza
Latté-tudesSM coffee house featuring Seattle’s Best Coffee®
Casino RoyaleSM
Themed bars and lounges including Boleros Latin lounge
2 whirlpools
2 outdoor pools
Adventure Ocean® youth facilities, including teen-only areas, Fuel and Living Room
Day Spa and Fitness Center
Open-air basketball court


Ship Facts
Maiden Voyage: April 26, 1992
Passenger Capacity: 2,744
Godmother: Queen Sonja of Norway
Gross Tonnage: 73,941
Length: 880′
Beam: 106′
Draft: 25′
Cruising Speed: 19 knots

A map to where the cruise goes.


Going to the Bahamas

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Our honeymoon cruise is set.  More details to come.