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Time for a picture of My Preserved Wedding Dress.   Hope you like it.

My dress is back!!!!!

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My dress finally came back! It is all preserved in the museum method! It looks AMAZING! It’s clean, and it just looks perfect, I couldn’t be happier! I’m know for sure I made the right decision on picking the museum method vs. the squished in a small box method! Plus the great thing is, you are actually able to wear the dress again! Not that I am going to be, but just knowing that I could if I wanted to is great! Plus I can actually show it to people, the whole thing, not just the top part! Hopefully, I’ll be able to get a picture up here soon of what it looks like preserved!!! I’m so happy about it! :o)

Preserving my dress!

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I am getting my wedding dress, my wedding shoes and my veil preserved. We have decided to go with the museum method. I can’t wait. My parents came over on Sunday and my dad helped us get my dress in this tiny box they sent and then on Monday I had to bring the box to a UPS store. I can’t wait to get it back, but it is going to take so many months, not even really sure how long! Museum method is what Darrell and me chose to do because neither one of us wanted me to have this beautiful dress that was worn only once and then stuffed into a box! With the museum method it is preserved just like clothing would be preserved for a museum display. It will be in a bag and comes with special gloves so that you can always open the bag, look at the dress, show others, and it will never ruin! It is so exciting!! Maybe once it does come back I can get a picture of it up on here!!!


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I’m having a hard figuring out what to do w/ my dress to preserve it. I was going to go w/ the one from House of Brides, where you send your dress out and it comes back preserved in the box, but then I got to thinking. I would never be able to see the bottom of my dress ever again! I bought my dress because of the bottom of it, not the top if it! So I did some research and found a place that preserves wedding gowns the museum method way, which means it will be hung up and I can open it and look at it any time I want without it ever going yellow or getting ruined. They even will preserve my veil, tiara, 2 John Deere garters and my shoes!!! However, it is sooooooo expensive, so I’m still debating on what I should do…..

2nd Dress Fitting

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I can’t believe I forgot to write back my second dress fitting! It was last Wednesday, August 20. I actually thought I’d be bringing my dress home that day. Turns out I was just re-trying it on, to see how her alterations were. It fit so much better than before! But, there were still a couple more things that needed to be done! So my next appointment is this Thursday. We’ll see if I get to bring it home or not, or if I’ll have to schedule another appointment!!

Dress Fitting!!

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Last Thursday I went to House of Brides w/ my parents for my bridal gown fitting! It was very hot, and I had to stand forever, but it was so much fun! My dress looks so good! It also is going to look so much better with it actually fitted to me! I can’t wait to finally see it completely done!

My dress and veil and shoes…..

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So even though my fitting isn’t until August, this past Wednesday my parents and I decided to go and look at my dress. I also got to try it on. It is so beautiful and barely needs any alterations at all!!! I love my dress! My veil was in too……soooooo pretty! It matches the dress perfectly!! Then we figured we’d better buy my shoes too, unfortunately House of Brides was out of them, but luckily David’s Bridal was right down the street and they had plenty (and were much cheaper too!) So now we have those as well!!!

IT’S IN!!!!!!!!!!!

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I got a card in the mail on Tuesday! My wedding dress is in!!!!! I can’t believe it!!! I’m in the process of making an appointment for my fitting and alterations! I can’t wait!


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Thanks to my parents helping me out…..they got my veil orderd this past Tuesday!!!!! YAY!! Should be here in about 4 months, just like my dress! I can’t wait! I still think that is way too long though to wait for a veil…….

Trying on Dresses

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Yes, this is me trying on wedding dresses.  But this is not the one I picked.  Guess you have to come to the wedding to see the one I picked out.  It is so beautiful!

Trying on a Wedding Dress

Trying to find a dress……

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A couple weeks ago my parents and me went dress shopping at David’s Bridal, and we really didn’t see anything that we liked. Not to mention, the color I want for my girls dressed has been discontinued. So I saw a dress that I LOVED online, so we went to the House of Brides in Glen Ellyn and they didn’t have it, but we did find another one that we thought was really pretty. But I still wanted that dress I saw online, so the House of Brides in Oak Lawn had it. Yesterday we made the trek there and for some reason it didn’t seem as pretty in person as it did online, but my parents did still like it. It is very frustrating. Now I’m in the process of getting the 2 dresses in one location so that we can choose between the two of them.

My Wedding Dress

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Still shopping.  Watch for updates soon.