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So, on Wednesday @ 4 Randy and Amanda made it here from Colorado. My parent’s and I finished getting all of our wedding stuff together. Yesterday (Thursday) I went to Bensenville and my mom and I had our nail appointments! I got a french manicure w/ frosted polish and on my toes I got alternating red, green and yellow for our wedding colors! Then my parents and me drove to our hotel in Geneva so I could check in. Dad, Randy and me went in the hot tub while my mom watched. At 6 my parents, Jennifer, Darrell and me went to the Gaslite Manor to set up the reception hall, but boy did they mess everything up and we had to fix it all. At 7 we had the rehearsal at the Gaslite Chapel. It went so fast because I was being drug from one end of the hall to the other to get everything done! It was a lot of fun though! After that we had the rehearsal dinner @ the Countryhouse Restaurant which is right next door to our hotel. Of course to keep w/ the theme of the evening they also had screwed everything up! In the end though it turned into a fun evening, and everyone seemed to like the gifts we had gotten them, plus the food was good. Darrell even got me the cutest gift and I feel like a horrible person because I didn’t get him anything! I tried to go to bed, but thoughts kept racing through my mind, plus I kept be awakened by phone calls. Then it turned out that my mom left something here in the room that she needed this morning for her hair appointment @ 9, so my dad had to drive all the way back and woke me up again at 1230!!! I didn’t sleep very long, I woke up at 645 and decided to work out on the treadmill, then I went in the hot tub, and then I took my bath. At 830 I had breakfast in the hotel w/ my grandpa, 2 aunts and uncle from Iowa, plus my brother and his girlfriend Amanda. Now I’m sitting in my room writing to all of you (Yes obviously I brought my laptop and they have internet here!). My parents should be here at noon, and I have my hair and make-up appointment at 1pm in Batavia at Zano’s. The photographer, girls, and florist will be here at 3 for photos, and then the guys will be doing photos at the Gaslite at 5. The ceremony begins promptly at 6:30 w/ the reception to follow! I can’t wait but at the same time I can, because it will be over before I know it! Hope to see everyone there tonight!!!

Rehearsal dinner and menu

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I just called and talked to the Country House Restaurant, they have our total number of people coming and our special menu that we picked out, and so now this is all set and ready to go. Just a reminder it’s Thursday, September 18 @ 8:15pm.

Another celebration

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It looks like we are going to have 2 bachelorette parties, sort of. If you’ve read the other posts then you know about the real one which is going to be at the water park hotel in Gurnee in August! Now, however, on Saturday May 31st there is another party, this one is going to be at the Alumni Club in Schaumburg, this way I’ll get the traditional bachelorette party as well as the party I want, that is much more me!

Rehearsal Dinner

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Today I got the rehearsal dinner set up! It is going to be on Thursday September 18 at 8:15. It is going to be at the Country House Restaurant in Geneva. In fact it is right in front of the hotel that we have rooms booked at for the wedding!! I’m so excited, things seem to be falling into place!!


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I forgot to write that this past week I called the Gaslite and set up the rehearsal. It will be Thursday September 18 from 7-8pm at the Gaslite Chapel.

The most important day of our lives!!!

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So on the big day, Friday September 19, 2008 are ceremony begins at 6:30pm, followed by the reception, dinner is at 8pm and dancing and celebrating don’t end until midnight, so I expect everyone to come and stay until the end!!!!

Save the Date Magnets

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Our Save the Date Magnets are on order.  Check it out!

Save the Date Magnet

Wedding date September 19, 2008

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Watch here for more details.