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Our Unity Candle

Posted on Jun 08, 2008 under Wedding Theme | 2 Comments

Went to Holland, Michigan yesterday to order and watch Valerie make our Unity Candle.  Here are some pictures we took while she was making the candle at Holland House Candles at the Dutch Village.

Unity Candle 1

Unity Candle 2

Unity Candle 3

Unity Candle 4

Unity Candle 5

Unity Candle 6

Unity Candle

Posted on May 22, 2008 under Wedding Theme | Comments are off

In June my parents and I are going to Holland, Michigan to a Dutch themed park/area and that is where we are getting Darrell’s and my specially made unity candle! Wait until you see them, they are so pretty! So last night we emailed the lady who will be making it the specific information that she needed. Then when we get to Holland, we’ll get to choose the colors and watch her make it! I’m so excited!

The rest came today!

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Our wedding invitations have arrived!!!!!! So exciting! 🙂

They have arrived!

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My dad informed me yesterday that the favors for the wedding, for each person, came in the mail yesterday!! It’s so exciting! Well at least 1/2 of them did, now we need to go out and get the 2nd part and put them together and we’ll be all set! Bet you can’t figure out what it is going to be!

All ordered!!!

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Last night my dad and I finished ordering the wedding invitations and the gifts for the tables at the wedding!!!!!! 🙂 It’s a good feeling getting things accomplished!


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I also forgot to mention that last week I sent in the first part of the order for our wedding invitations and RSVP cards. Tomorrow night my dad and me are going to finish that as well as ordering the gifts for the tables at the reception. The look of the invitations though and the gift will have to remain secret, and you will all have to wait and see what it is later!

I bet you can’t guess what it is?!

Posted on Feb 10, 2008 under Wedding Theme | 8 Comments

The theme of our wedding is going to be farm related and tractor related!! The color is green, with some splashes of red here and there.

You should see all of the tractor and John Deere items that my dad found for the wedding. It’s amazing!!!!! I havn’t decided yet if I’m going to write on here everything we found or if it should be a surprise, I’ll have to get back to you on that one!