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Music for the Ceremony

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I don’t think I have mentioned this yet. For our ceremony we decided to go with a group called Flutissimo. We actually saw them play at the bridal show we went to in Wood Dale. It’s a group of ladies playing flutes and boy is it pretty!! They are going to play whatever songs we want! Since our Chapel doesn’t have a piano, we were going to just use the CD player, but when we heard this Flutist group, we just knew we would have to go with them…..and so we did!!!

Rehearsal Dinner

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Today I got the rehearsal dinner set up! It is going to be on Thursday September 18 at 8:15. It is going to be at the Country House Restaurant in Geneva. In fact it is right in front of the hotel that we have rooms booked at for the wedding!! I’m so excited, things seem to be falling into place!!

Wedding Bands

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So tonight, my dad, Darrell and I went to Sears to look at wedding bands. We decided to go the Sears at the Charlestowne Mall in St. Charles. Boy were we disappointed. We picked this location because it was more halfway between my dad and us. However, not only were like every store in the mall closed, but this Sears just seemed smaller. We were looking for the jewelry department, when we finally had to ask, and guess what? This Sears didn’t even have a jewelry department! So, in other words, we never even got to look for wedding bands. Oh well, another day I suppose……..


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I forgot to write that this past week I called the Gaslite and set up the rehearsal. It will be Thursday September 18 from 7-8pm at the Gaslite Chapel.


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Darrell & me also went to 3 florists yesterday. The first one was a greenhouse called Shafer’s in Montgomery, IL. We really loved it there, but the lady said she had too many weddings the weekend of our wedding and told us no! We were shocked! What kind of company turns down business!! Oh well, they lose out, not us. So then we went to a place right by our house called Flowers…..In The Country. We loved the name. We sat down with the owner and discussed what we would like. The price though was super expensive and we weren’t really impressed with the place, it wasn’t as professional as we thought it should be. Our last stop was a place called Florist & Gifts just down the street. We had to make an appointment, so it won’t be until April 12, but after that appointment, we’ll have to decide which one of the 2 places we will go with. Keep checking back to find out!


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We were busy yesterday if you couldn’t tell yet. We went to Men’s Warehouse and got all of the guys stuff set up as well. Chris, Rod, Randy, my dad & Darrell can now go whenever to get fitted for their tuxes. Of course they don’t need to do it right away but come June and July they will need to. I think they look really good and hopefully we will get the link to their website and maybe pictures on here soon as well.

Post Office

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It’s amazing a couple weeks ago Darrell & me go to the post office to get his passport, and we wait in line forever just to be told we have the wrong stuff. Then yesterday we go and we were there for about 5 minutes and got it all taken care of. So now in 4-6 weeks Darrell should have his passport and we’ll be all set for our cruise!

David’s Bridal

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The bridesmaids dresses are all taken care of! Darrell & me stopped there yesterday and got it set up. So now Jennifer, Jessica & Janean (hey they are all J names!) need to go in the next 2 weeks to get fitted for their dresses!!!!!!!

New Bridesmaid

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Darrell’s sister, Janean, said yes!! She is my new bridesmaid and she is really excited about it too! I’m so happy! A picture will follow soon!  And here it is:

Darrell’s Sister Janean

One of my bridesmaids

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Well, one of my bridesmaids, Monica (she lives in Florida) just found out she is pregnant. Which means come September she will be 7 months pregnant, so she has decided that it isn’t in her best interest (or her babies) to fly to Illinois to be in my wedding. Of course I have to understand, and CONGRATULATIONS to her! However, that has definately put me in a bad place. Darrell suggested we ask one of his sister’s to replace her. I thought that was a great idea, so I will keep everyone posted on the outcome. Darrell has called and left a message and we are awaiting her return phone call.

Birth Certificate

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Last week while I was in Colorado, Darrell went to the Kane County Courthouse and got his birth certificate… hopefullly tomorrow we are going back to the post office to FINALLY get his passport taken care of!! We’ll let you know!

Bridesmaid Dresses

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This past Wednesday myself, my parents and my cousin Jennifer aka my maid of honor went dress searching at David’s Bridal and House of Brides. I had seen some dresses I liked and then I got to force Jennifer to try them on! The one I liked the best ended up being the one we all liked the best and also the one that looked best on her. So that is the one we’re getting. We did end up having to change from green dresses to yellow (canary) dresses, but that’s ok, the color is actually very pretty and John Deere is green AND yellow anyway! There will be photos eventually of Jennifer trying on the dresses! The best was when the lady thought that Jennifer was a size 12!!! Lets just say she fell out of that one! It was pretty hillarious!

Darrell’s Brother the other Groomsmen

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Here is Darrell’s brother, Rodney.  He is the other Groomsmen with my brother Randy.

Darrell’s Brother Rodney


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So I already have a passport from when I went to Europe through Elmhurst College, but Darrell does not. So we filled out the application online and printed it, we went to Walgreens and got his 2 passport photos taken, and we got his birth certificate. Then yesterday we went to the Naperville post office and stood in line for an hour and a half! It was really boring, and when we finally got into the office, it turned out that what says is his birth certificate is really only a hospital announcement. So, in other words, we wasted our time. Now we have to go to the Kane County Courthouse to pay for his birth certificate. We were both very upset about the whole thing!


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Yay!!! Yesterday we confirmed and booked and got our contract taken care of for the videographer and the DJ. It turns out we booked both of these through the same company. Darrell and I are very happy and excited with our choice. If you’ve been reading my posts, you will remember that I mentioned we talked to a specific videographer company at that horrible bridal show we went to in Hoffman Estates….but we were right that one good thing did end up coming out of that show! This is such a relief to have this part of the wedding taken care of!