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Yesterday Darrell and I went to Walmart and we bought some invitations for the shower that you can print whatever you want to on them, same with the thank you cards. We also bought some trifold printable programs for the ceremony!!!!!

It’s Booked!!

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Darrell and I have decided for sure to go w/ Florist & Gifts in Oswego as our florist. We are very happy w/ our choice! We really liked them and plus they were so professional. We feel very comfortable knowing that they will show up and on time! So Monday I stopped by there after work and put down our deposit, so now it’s set, they have that date set for our wedding!!!! Yay!

Another exciting thing!

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Darrell’s passport arrived in the mail this past Thursday! They said it could take 4-6 weeks, and it only took less than 2 weeks! We’re very happy about that!

Thank you bridesmaids!

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It has been confirmed, all 3 of my bridesmaids have now gone to David’s Bridal and ordered their dresses! Thank you Jennifer, Janean & Jessica! Interesting, how all of their names start with J, huh?! The only weird thing is, whenever one of them went to David’s the stupid place had my wedding date down in June! What is wrong with this place?! Oh well, it should all be taken care of and things should be fine!

Let me just say!

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My parents came over yesterday and showed us our invitations that came in the mail and our goodies for the tables. I LOVE THEM!!!!!!! Now the wedding is really starting to feel real to me! They are awesome! I can’t wait to send them out!

The rest came today!

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Our wedding invitations have arrived!!!!!! So exciting! 🙂


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We had our other florist appointment today with another florist. It was FANTASTIC! This place is so professional, and the girl we worked with was wonderful! They are going to send us a quote sometime this week, but I think we are definately going to go with them! She really knew what she was talking about and we know we can count on them! I’m very excited about this!

Sears @ Fox Valley Mall

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After Steak ‘n Shake we decided to run to Sears to look at wedding bands quick. We didn’t get much accomplished because the man behind the counter wouldn’t leave us alone! He asked us about 10 times in 10 minutes if we needed any help, we kept saying no, but wherever we walked to, he would follow us! That gets very frustrating and so we just left, because we couldn’t look and talk to each other! We need to go back another day, hopefully that same guy won’t be there!

Friday Night

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So last night Darrell & I met Kirk, our Reverend @ Steak ‘n Shake. We basically discussed who was going to be in the ceremony and how we wanted everything to be done, it was very informational and I think we got it all accomplished. We also really got to know eachother! Kirk was very fun and funny and we had a really great time! He even suggested that for our next meeting in August we go go-karting! How cool is that! I think we’re gonna do it!

They have arrived!

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My dad informed me yesterday that the favors for the wedding, for each person, came in the mail yesterday!! It’s so exciting! Well at least 1/2 of them did, now we need to go out and get the 2nd part and put them together and we’ll be all set! Bet you can’t figure out what it is going to be!

Another celebration

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It looks like we are going to have 2 bachelorette parties, sort of. If you’ve read the other posts then you know about the real one which is going to be at the water park hotel in Gurnee in August! Now, however, on Saturday May 31st there is another party, this one is going to be at the Alumni Club in Schaumburg, this way I’ll get the traditional bachelorette party as well as the party I want, that is much more me!

All ordered!!!

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Last night my dad and I finished ordering the wedding invitations and the gifts for the tables at the wedding!!!!!! 🙂 It’s a good feeling getting things accomplished!

Jennifer Having Fun?

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Here are a few pictures of Jennifer trying on bridesmaid dresses.  Enjoy!!

Jennifer Dress 1

Jennifer Dress 2

Jennifer Dress 3

Jennifer Dress 4


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I also forgot to mention that last week I sent in the first part of the order for our wedding invitations and RSVP cards. Tomorrow night my dad and me are going to finish that as well as ordering the gifts for the tables at the reception. The look of the invitations though and the gift will have to remain secret, and you will all have to wait and see what it is later!