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Shower invites

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My parent’s also gave me the shower invites, to help them put them together! They are so awesome! My dad did a great job making them and printing them out too, and my mom helped too by cutting out clouds (you’ll understand when you get the invitations!!). I know I say this in every post, but I am so excited!!!!!!!!!

Wedding Rings again

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Also, last night my dad and me went to Yorktown to go to Roger’s & Holland’s. We decided to price the rings Darrell and me wanted there, and they actually came down some on the price, so we made the purchase. Our wedding rings are on order!! Well almost, Friday night I’m taking Darrell there to get his ring size, and then the order will be placed! Plus we get to have it engraved for free too! Then on Saturday Darrell and me have to go back to Fox Valley to get my deposit back from the Rogers & Holland’s there! Then we’ll be all set!

My mom’s dress

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Last night my parent’s and me went to David’s Bridal to look at dresses for my mom. We found 3 that we really love!!! Unfortunately, my mom needs to decide asap which one, because they are discontinuing one of the dresses she wanted!!

Unity Candle

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In June my parents and I are going to Holland, Michigan to a Dutch themed park/area and that is where we are getting Darrell’s and my specially made unity candle! Wait until you see them, they are so pretty! So last night we emailed the lady who will be making it the specific information that she needed. Then when we get to Holland, we’ll get to choose the colors and watch her make it! I’m so excited!

Bridal Shower Invitations

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Last night I went over to my parent’s house and my dad had printed up my shower invitations, my mom and me checked them over, and we thought they looked good! So my dad will be printing those out anyday now, so we can help them get out on time!

Wedding Rings

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Darrell and I went to Rogers and Hollands yesterday at Fox Valley Mall. We found matching rings that we both really liked! We just arn’t sure if the price is right or not, so we may go price another place just so we can make sure, but I really do like these rings!!!


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Yesterday Darrell and I registered for gifts at our first store, Target. It sure did take a long time though, we had wanted to go to a couple places but only got through one so far. It was a lot of fun though! I loved getting to use that gun!!!!


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This past Sunday Darrell and I had lunch with 2 of the 4 ladies who make up Flutissimo. This is the flutist group we have hired to perform during our wedding ceremony. We were able to meet with them and discuss how many songs and which songs we would like to have played during the ceremony. I think it went well and it just makes me that much more excited about our wedding!