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Pictures from My Bachelorette Party

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Here are some pictures I promised.














2nd Dress Fitting

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I can’t believe I forgot to write back my second dress fitting! It was last Wednesday, August 20. I actually thought I’d be bringing my dress home that day. Turns out I was just re-trying it on, to see how her alterations were. It fit so much better than before! But, there were still a couple more things that needed to be done! So my next appointment is this Thursday. We’ll see if I get to bring it home or not, or if I’ll have to schedule another appointment!!

2nd Hair Trial Appointment

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Yesterday I went back to Zano’s in Batavia for a second hair and make-up trial. Last Sunday when I went for my first one, I just didn’t like my make-up, my hair was great. So they let me come back so that I would be happy with it. I’m much happier now with how my make-up was done yesterday. Also, even though I loved my hair before, she tried something a little different, and now it’s way better than before! We all loved it much better this time. So now it looks like it will be perfect!!!

Best Man’s tux

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I just got word that Darrell’s best man, Zackery, went and got his tux fitting done this weekend! So now all of the bridal parties clothing is all taken care of!

2nd Bachelorette Party!!

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So this weekend was my second bachelorette party. It was on Saturday, and it started with a luncheon at my brother’s old house. My parent’s did such an awesome job!! They decorated the house so amazingly!!! I love everything about it! For lunch they made salad, garlic bread, penis pasta and penis cake for dessert! I even got a penis candy necklace and a container of penis mints. Plus my parent’s bought me presents too!!! A couple other people did as well, which I didn’t expect AT ALL!!! We played some games, and everyone got a couple things to take home. I think it went really well, and I know I had a great time. My parents are so amazing to do that for me!! After that we went to the Holiday Inn in Elmhurst and stayed overnight and used their indoor waterpark, Mayan adventure. I thought it was a lot of fun! It was small, but there was a hot tub, 2 water slides, a lazy river, and an area where a large bucket of water drops every so often. That night we went to Riley’s for dinner and drinks, and stayed up late talking and playing a game. Sunday morning we went for breakfast at the hotel, and the breakfast buffet was really good too! Anyway, I really did have a great time! Thanks to everyone who came! Pictures will be coming soon, I hope!!

Hair Trial Appointment

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My parents and I went to Zano’s Hair Salon today in Batavia for my trial run. Unfortunately the girl I met with last Sunday all of a sudden couldn’t be there today, so I had a different girl, now she will be the one doing my hair on my wedding. I loved how my hair looked though! It looked great w/ my tiara and my veil! Very pretty! I also had a trial run of my make-up, if you know me at all, you know I don’t wear make-up ever and I don’t like it either. I didn’t like it at all, and would rather not wear any. My mom thought it looked great. My dad agreed with me but wouldn’t really say outloud. Darrell thinks I should use some, just not as much as they had on me. They also put fake eyelashes on me which I hated! They felt weird and they were a pain in the butt to get off! NEVER AGAIN! So I don’t know yet what will happen with the make-up but I know that my hair will at least look great!

Marriage License

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Yesterday, Darrell & I went to the Kane County Courthouse in Geneva, IL to get our marriage license! It was actually a lot of fun answering all their questions! Now we have it, and we have to use it within 60 days! That shouldn’t be a problem, since this coming Tuesday we will only have a month left until our wedding!!!

Rodney’s Tux

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Darrell talked to his brother Rodney today, one of the groomsmen, and he said he went last Friday and got measured for his tux!!!!! Only one left to go! Yay!

Final DJ & Videographer Appointment

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Last night Darrell and I went and met with Ben, our DJ and our videographer! We went to his home office, and we got to see some samples of his videos that he does! They are awesome! In the end we will be getting 3 edited copies and 1 unedited copy! Plus we went through the whole program and picked out our songs for each of the things happening during the wedding! That was fun! We also paid, and so now this is all taken care of too!!!! Everything is really falling into place, isn’t it?!

Hair Consultation

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Yesterday morning I went to Zano’s in Batavia to meet with the girl who will be doing my hair for the wedding. I really liked her, she was ice and really seemed like she new what she was talking about, so that is a good thing! Next Sunday is my actual hair trial, can’t wait!

Final Photography Appointment

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Last night our photographer and friend Stanley came over. We discussed all the types of pictures we wanted before the ceremony, during, after, and at the reception. We know he knows what he is doing so we have all the faith in the world that he will capture our wedding day perfectly. We looked at the different types of albums that we can choose from as well. So, except for the payment this is all set up and ready to go as well!!

Final Florist Appointment

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Yesterday morning Darrell and I went for our final florist appointment. We really love our florist, she is so professional and knows what she is doing and talking about, plus she will be the actual one who will be bringing the flowers the night of our wedding. We finalized everything and made the corrections/additions/changes that need to be and everything is all taken care of. Plus I made the final payment, so now that is all paid and taken care of as well.

Dress Fitting!!

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Last Thursday I went to House of Brides w/ my parents for my bridal gown fitting! It was very hot, and I had to stand forever, but it was so much fun! My dress looks so good! It also is going to look so much better with it actually fitted to me! I can’t wait to finally see it completely done!

Wedding Buffet

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It was suggested to me that I should have on here what we will be eating at the wedding. I thought it was a good idea, so here you go! It will be a traditional buffet that will include a fresh mixed salad, potato salad, three-way bean salad, pasta vegetable salad, tender roast sirloin of beef, deep fried chicken, mostacioli with meat balls, vegetables (corn and green beans) I believe, mashed potatoes and gravy, fresh baked homemade bread and butter, coffee, tea, milk and mint chocolate chip ice cream. Of course there will also be amazing wedding cake and an open bar. Hope this makes your mouth water and it makes you decide to come to the wedding!!!!!