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Honeymoon – Final day

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There wasn’t much this day. We had to get up early, eat our buffet breakfast, checked out, went thru customs AGAIN and then took a taxi to the airport. We got there so early we couldn’t even check in yet. So we just hung around the airport, until we took off and flew back home. My parent’s picked us up and then we shared our vacation with them. For our last few days off from work we just enjoyed eachothers company and are having a great time being husband and wife! (Even though we should have been cleaning the house! haha!)

Honeymoon – Day 4

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Can you guess what we did first? Yep, we had the breakfast buffet! Then we had to go thru customs on the ship, and then we got off the ship and walked to Key West, Florida, we did some more shopping, thanks to my dad we went to the Hemingway House and then to the Southermost point in the continental USA, then for Darrell we went to a Maritime Museum, once back to the ship we went in the hot tub again, we watched the ship leave the port again, then we had the buffet dinner. In the evening we went to the farewell song and dance show and we took a late night walk around the ship! Fun fact: Hemingway house has around 70 cats, all of which either have 6 toes or has the gene that may or may not pass it on to their offspring. Also, they used to sell these cats but now they don’t because they only have enough to keep their 6 toed cat population going! 

Honeymoon – Day 3

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Again we started our day with the breakfast buffet, then we had to take a tender boat to get to CocoCay. Darrell and I went parasailing, which was amazing off of this island!! We went in the ocean for awhile and had a BBQ lunch on the beach, we went back to the ship in the afternoon and went in the ship’s pool and hot tub. Again Darrell wanted to watch the ship de-anchor, I climbed the rock wall on the ship, had dinner, went to the juggler/comedian show (he was on the first season of America’s Got Talent!) We walked around the deck and then we went to the love and marriage game show, which was hillarious! Fun fact: CocoCay is an island owned by Royal Caribbean!

Honeymoon – Day 2

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We had the breakfast buffet, we got off the ship and walked to Nassau, Bahamas, then we did some shopping and took a taxi to Atlantis, what an amazing hotel! Then we went to the beach, in the afternoon we went back to the ship, went to the formal dinner, saw the 70’s musical show, got our picture taken with the captain (we ended up being on the cruise ship dvd because of our picture with the captain!), then we went to the honeymooner party, went to the midnight buffet, saw an ice sculpture demonstration and watched a men’s sexiest legs competition (Darrell wouldn’t join in even though I told him he’d win!). We also heard some dolphins that night while walking the ships decks! Fun facts: The Atlantis beach for non guests costs $150 per person. Gas in Nassau is $5.27. Taxi drivers try to kill you! The Bahamas has 700 islands, only 39 which are inhabited.

Honeymoon – Day 1

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Darrell & I woke up at 3:30am, made our flight to Miami, and then got transportation to get to our cruise ship, Majesty of the Seas! It was amazingly huge! We had a buffet lunch , checked out our room, walked all the floors of the ship to see where everything is , we had our emergency muster drill, we watched the ship leave port (that was for Darrell – he enjoyed watching the ship leave from all of the ports!), we had dinner @ 6, and then we went to the welcome aboard show which was a very funny comedian who had been on Jay Leno! Fun fact: there were 78 honeymooner couples on the ship!


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Well Darrell’s and my honeymoon cruise to the Bahamas is over. We got back Friday night. We had the best time!!!! I know that Darrell really had a good time, and that makes me enjoy it that much more. I have equilibrium problems and syncope so there were times when I could feel the boat swaying so badly that I thought we were going to tip over, the funny part is, no one else seemed to notice it. I really did enjoy everything, especially watching Darrell having so much fun! The only bad thing was ALL OF THE FOOD!!!! They feed you 24/7!!! Darrell ate too much I think, because now he says he needs to go on a diet!!! My dad was jelous because if he ever gets to go on a cruise that is what he would be looking forward to, the food! On Monday we were able to just walk around the ship to see where everything was, there were 12 floors!!! Tuesday we went to Nassau, Bahamas. Wednesday was CoCoCay, Bahamas, Thursday was Key West, Florida, and Friday were were back in Miami. When I have some more time I will write some more about some specific things that we did in each location, plus on the ship. Also, one of these days there will be pictures of our honeymoon (and of the wedding as well!) So please keep checking back for more!!! 

Packing & Eye infection

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What do these have in common you may ask? Well today I have been packing, yes I said I, because Darrell can’t leave the tv while the Bears game is on! I also had to go to the care center at Walgreens today, because I’ve been having a problem with my eye since Friday night. Turns out I have a sty underneath my eye AND I have pink eye! How wonderful right? Remember how I never wear make-up? Well, the day of your wedding is probably not the best time to start! I got these wonderful eye infections because Zano’s didn’t use sterile instruments to apply my make-up!!!!! I now have to put cream on my eye ball! NOT FUN! 3 times a day for a week! Plus Darrell could easily get it if we share towels and washrags and such. Oh well, I’m still being positive because I want to have fun our our honeymoon. I woke up this morning with my eye swollen and not being able to open it more than halfway! Oh well, I gotta go finish packing now…….. Talk to everyone later!!! 

The day after….

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After a very short night of sleep, Darrell and I had breakfast at our hotel and went in the hot tub. Then we had to say goodbye to my brother Randy who was going back home to Colorado. We also said goodbye to Randy’s girlfriend Amanda who will be visiting with her family for a few days until she also goes back home to Colorado on the train on Wednesday. After us and my parents checked out, we took my family from Iowa and we put our dress and tux back on and took some pictures at the Fabyan Windmill in Batavia. I even put on my wooden shoes for these pictures! I had to do something Dutch!! Then we all went to Somonauk to take some pictures with Darrell’s dad’s grave. We also met Darrell’s mom, brother Rodney, sister Lanette and Bob there. After that we said goodbye to them because Lanette and Bob had to go back home to Michigan. Then Darrell and me brought the tuxes back to Men’s Warehouse and dropped off my bouquet to the floral preservation place. Then we all came to our house and opened up our presents! Yay! Then we had dinner at Benedict’s in Montgomery. Then my parent’s went home and I rode with my family from Iowa back to their hotel (because my car was still there). I then had to say goodbye to my Grandpa Pete, my Uncle LeRoy, my Aunt Diane and my Aunt Kathy who will be leaving early tomorrow to go home to Iowa.  It’s so sad that this time together went so fast and that everyone is gone and going back home. Then I drove home to Darrell (he carried me over the threshold which he also did last night at the hotel room!) We opened up all of our cards and now we are relaxing and watching Bee Movie. We will be going to bed now, with lots of things that need to get done tomorrow. If I don’t have time to write tomorrow, we’ll catch up with you again after our honeymoon on our cruise to the Bahamas! Don’t forget to come back!!!

Is it really over?!

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Darrell and me are married!!!! We’re the new Mr. & Mrs. Darrell & Kristy Bolte! I had the best time, I just wish that it wouldn’t have gone by so quickly!!! The ceremony was perfect, I can’t believed I cried though! I can’t believe that I am really married!! The reception was so great too! Thanks to everyone who came, it wouldn’t have been as special without all of you! Thank you to my parents for everything you did for us, I couldn’t have done it without you! Thank you for all the family and friends who came from far away for our special day! Thank you to the wedding party for sharing with us, our perfect day! I can not wait to see the video and all of the pictures too! I really don’t know what else to say. There is so much I’d like to, but everything is just like a whirlwind in my mind and memories. I just can’t believe it seemed like forever when we got engaged on New Year’s Eve, and now it’s over, but that is the way it goes I guess.  Thanks again!Love always,Darrell & Kristy Bolte  

A few people I forgot to mention……

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Unfortunately my dad and I forgot to get a few names and pictures on this site of people who are helping out at the wedding! So I would like to name them now.

My 2 uncles, LeRoy and Ken are going to be pulling the runner down the aisle.

My aunt Judy and my brother’s girlfriend Amanda are going to be passing out programs and bubbles to the guests.

My 2 grandpa’s Peter and Charles will be walking down the aisle to their seats, compliments of their escort Jennifer!

Sorry there are no pictures, but I’m sure we’ll have some of them from the wedding after it’s all over!!!


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So, on Wednesday @ 4 Randy and Amanda made it here from Colorado. My parent’s and I finished getting all of our wedding stuff together. Yesterday (Thursday) I went to Bensenville and my mom and I had our nail appointments! I got a french manicure w/ frosted polish and on my toes I got alternating red, green and yellow for our wedding colors! Then my parents and me drove to our hotel in Geneva so I could check in. Dad, Randy and me went in the hot tub while my mom watched. At 6 my parents, Jennifer, Darrell and me went to the Gaslite Manor to set up the reception hall, but boy did they mess everything up and we had to fix it all. At 7 we had the rehearsal at the Gaslite Chapel. It went so fast because I was being drug from one end of the hall to the other to get everything done! It was a lot of fun though! After that we had the rehearsal dinner @ the Countryhouse Restaurant which is right next door to our hotel. Of course to keep w/ the theme of the evening they also had screwed everything up! In the end though it turned into a fun evening, and everyone seemed to like the gifts we had gotten them, plus the food was good. Darrell even got me the cutest gift and I feel like a horrible person because I didn’t get him anything! I tried to go to bed, but thoughts kept racing through my mind, plus I kept be awakened by phone calls. Then it turned out that my mom left something here in the room that she needed this morning for her hair appointment @ 9, so my dad had to drive all the way back and woke me up again at 1230!!! I didn’t sleep very long, I woke up at 645 and decided to work out on the treadmill, then I went in the hot tub, and then I took my bath. At 830 I had breakfast in the hotel w/ my grandpa, 2 aunts and uncle from Iowa, plus my brother and his girlfriend Amanda. Now I’m sitting in my room writing to all of you (Yes obviously I brought my laptop and they have internet here!). My parents should be here at noon, and I have my hair and make-up appointment at 1pm in Batavia at Zano’s. The photographer, girls, and florist will be here at 3 for photos, and then the guys will be doing photos at the Gaslite at 5. The ceremony begins promptly at 6:30 w/ the reception to follow! I can’t wait but at the same time I can, because it will be over before I know it! Hope to see everyone there tonight!!!

Darrell has his tux!

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Last night Darrell and I went to Men’s Warehouse. Darrell tried on his tux and we brought it home!! He looks so wonderful in it!!!!!! I can’t wait until he wears it on Friday night and he gets to see me in my dress!!!

Flutissimo Rehearsal

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Also, on Monday night, the 4 ladies of Flutissimo invited me to their last rehearsal which was in Hoffman Estates. I did go, and they were so amazing! They arranged all of the songs that I had asked for, and hearing them play these songs really made it so much more real for me! It was so beautiful and I can’t wait for everyone to hear them!!!!!

We’re broke!

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On Monday I went to the Gaslite to give them the seating chart and to finalize a bunch of things, and also to pay the final bill!!!! Luckily it’s on credit card and technically I won’t need to worry about it until next month! haha!

Another Payment

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We are mailing our check tomorrow for our photographer as well. Why do I feel like we are going broke?? hehe!