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This past week I also mailed the check out to Flutissimo, and I got word that they received it!

Table Name Cards

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This past week I put all the names and table numbers into an excel spreadsheet and on Friday my dad printed out all of our table name cards for the reception!!

Sundress and bathing suit

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Today Darrell and I had to do some shopping, we went to JCPenney, because I wanted one or two sundresses to take on our honeymoon cruise to the Bahamas. They didn’t have any! Luckily, my parents went to Kohl’s today and they bought me a bunch, I just have to wait until Wednesday to try them on! However, I did find an extra bathing suit to bring, it is cute and was on clearance for $5!!!!! You can’t beat that!!!

Gaslite Manor

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Yesterday I had to call the Gaslite and give them the final count. Then they called me back 10 minutes later and gave me the final bill. You don’t want to know how much it was, lets just say I had a mini heart attack!!!! Hopefully, it will be all worth it though!!

Tuxes are in!!

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Thursday my dad went to Men’s Warehouse in Oak Brook and picked up his tux and my brother’s tux. Unfortunately, my brother won’t be able to try on his tux until he gets here from Colorado which will probably be late Wednesday night or Thursday, so I hope it fits right! My dad has to go back, though, because they gave him a smaller suit jacket, so hopefully he has or will be getting the correct one!!

Go-Karting w/ the Rev!

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Yep, you read it right. Tonight was our final meeting w/ our Reverend, Kirk Moore! He actually suggested that we go go-karting, and so we did! It was so much fun! The 3 of us had a blast! Plus we talked and we got everything figured out, and we are definitely all ready to go now on our wedding ceremony. Rev. Kirk is just a very funny, nice, fun, and down to earth guy…….and yes, he can be professional when he needs to be. I think our ceremony is going to be absolutely wonderful because of him! I can’t wait!


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My parent’s came over today and we all worked together and we got our ceremony programs all finished and we got our gifts for the tables all finished as well! Oh plus we wrapped the gifts for the wedding party!!!!! Lots of things done today!

My bouquet preservation

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We decided to have my bouquet preserved! We found a place that does it and the owner lives in our subdivision! We talked to our florist, so she is going to have water for the bouquet to go into, and I have the istructions of what to do w/ it after the ceremony. Then the day after the wedding we just have to drop it off, and we will have it back, preserved, in a neat glass container 4 months later!!

Rehearsal dinner and menu

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I just called and talked to the Country House Restaurant, they have our total number of people coming and our special menu that we picked out, and so now this is all set and ready to go. Just a reminder it’s Thursday, September 18 @ 8:15pm.

Hair! Hair! Long beautiful hair!

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So tonight I went to and got my hair very teency weency slightly trimmed, and I got it re-highlighted, and it looks really good! Then Darrell got his wedding haircut tonight too. Also my dad got his hair cut earlier this week, and my mom is going next week! We will all be well groomed for the wedding!

Wedding programs

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Also, this weekend we tried to put together our wedding program, I think it looks pretty good. My dad just needs to tweek a few things, and it should be done pretty quick! It does look good though, if I do say so myself!!

Rehearsal Dinner Menu

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This Saturday my parents came to Shabbona Lake while Darrell and I were camping and we put together the menu for the rehearsal dinner, I just need to call the restaurant now and let them know the menu so they can make it, and also give them the final count for the rehearsal dinner.

I have my dress!!!!

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Well my parents do actually! Last Thursday we went back to House of Brides for the 3rd time, AND FINALLY it was done and ready! So my parent’s took it home along w/ my veil and have it hanging up in a room so that no cats can get to it! It is so pretty and I can’t wait to wear it on my wedding day!!!!