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My bouquet preservation

Posted on Sep 05, 2008 under Flowers | 1 Comment

We decided to have my bouquet preserved! We found a place that does it and the owner lives in our subdivision! We talked to our florist, so she is going to have water for the bouquet to go into, and I have the istructions of what to do w/ it after the ceremony. Then the day after the wedding we just have to drop it off, and we will have it back, preserved, in a neat glass container 4 months later!!

Rehearsal dinner and menu

Posted on Sep 05, 2008 under Wedding Day Dates and Times | Comments are off

I just called and talked to the Country House Restaurant, they have our total number of people coming and our special menu that we picked out, and so now this is all set and ready to go. Just a reminder it’s Thursday, September 18 @ 8:15pm.

Hair! Hair! Long beautiful hair!

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So tonight I went to and got my hair very teency weency slightly trimmed, and I got it re-highlighted, and it looks really good! Then Darrell got his wedding haircut tonight too. Also my dad got his hair cut earlier this week, and my mom is going next week! We will all be well groomed for the wedding!