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Packing & Eye infection

Posted on Sep 21, 2008 under Honeymoon | 1 Comment

What do these have in common you may ask? Well today I have been packing, yes I said I, because Darrell can’t leave the tv while the Bears game is on! I also had to go to the care center at Walgreens today, because I’ve been having a problem with my eye since Friday night. Turns out I have a sty underneath my eye AND I have pink eye! How wonderful right? Remember how I never wear make-up? Well, the day of your wedding is probably not the best time to start! I got these wonderful eye infections because Zano’s didn’t use sterile instruments to apply my make-up!!!!! I now have to put cream on my eye ball! NOT FUN! 3 times a day for a week! Plus Darrell could easily get it if we share towels and washrags and such. Oh well, I’m still being positive because I want to have fun our our honeymoon. I woke up this morning with my eye swollen and not being able to open it more than halfway! Oh well, I gotta go finish packing now…….. Talk to everyone later!!!