Darrell has his tux!

Posted on Sep 17, 2008 under Wedding Party Dress & Tux | 2 Comments

Last night Darrell and I went to Men’s Warehouse. Darrell tried on his tux and we brought it home!! He looks so wonderful in it!!!!!! I can’t wait until he wears it on Friday night and he gets to see me in my dress!!!

2 Responses to “Darrell has his tux!”

  1. Anj. Says:

    I didn’t notice it until I looked at the pics when I got home, but I LOVED the white tie on his tuxedo. All white, one can see how it gets it’s nickname of a “penguin suit.” LOVED, it!

  2. Ryona Says:

    Hi, Kristy, congratulations!

    If there’s a penguin suit, how come there’s no duck suit?

    Have fun on your honeymooon. And remember to tell that ship hello from me!

    ~Ryona G. Ducky