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So, on Wednesday @ 4 Randy and Amanda made it here from Colorado. My parent’s and I finished getting all of our wedding stuff together. Yesterday (Thursday) I went to Bensenville and my mom and I had our nail appointments! I got a french manicure w/ frosted polish and on my toes I got alternating red, green and yellow for our wedding colors! Then my parents and me drove to our hotel in Geneva so I could check in. Dad, Randy and me went in the hot tub while my mom watched. At 6 my parents, Jennifer, Darrell and me went to the Gaslite Manor to set up the reception hall, but boy did they mess everything up and we had to fix it all. At 7 we had the rehearsal at the Gaslite Chapel. It went so fast because I was being drug from one end of the hall to the other to get everything done! It was a lot of fun though! After that we had the rehearsal dinner @ the Countryhouse Restaurant which is right next door to our hotel. Of course to keep w/ the theme of the evening they also had screwed everything up! In the end though it turned into a fun evening, and everyone seemed to like the gifts we had gotten them, plus the food was good. Darrell even got me the cutest gift and I feel like a horrible person because I didn’t get him anything! I tried to go to bed, but thoughts kept racing through my mind, plus I kept be awakened by phone calls. Then it turned out that my mom left something here in the room that she needed this morning for her hair appointment @ 9, so my dad had to drive all the way back and woke me up again at 1230!!! I didn’t sleep very long, I woke up at 645 and decided to work out on the treadmill, then I went in the hot tub, and then I took my bath. At 830 I had breakfast in the hotel w/ my grandpa, 2 aunts and uncle from Iowa, plus my brother and his girlfriend Amanda. Now I’m sitting in my room writing to all of you (Yes obviously I brought my laptop and they have internet here!). My parents should be here at noon, and I have my hair and make-up appointment at 1pm in Batavia at Zano’s. The photographer, girls, and florist will be here at 3 for photos, and then the guys will be doing photos at the Gaslite at 5. The ceremony begins promptly at 6:30 w/ the reception to follow! I can’t wait but at the same time I can, because it will be over before I know it! Hope to see everyone there tonight!!!

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  1. Melissa Says:

    So finally everything you’ve been working so hard on preparing was coming together at this time! Hooray!! When I was a flower girl once for an aunt’s wedding, I remember being so excited and nervous the night before (I was 5), that I hardly slept a wink… I can only imagine what it would be like, then, the night before as the bride! 🙂