The day after….

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After a very short night of sleep, Darrell and I had breakfast at our hotel and went in the hot tub. Then we had to say goodbye to my brother Randy who was going back home to Colorado. We also said goodbye to Randy’s girlfriend Amanda who will be visiting with her family for a few days until she also goes back home to Colorado on the train on Wednesday. After us and my parents checked out, we took my family from Iowa and we put our dress and tux back on and took some pictures at the Fabyan Windmill in Batavia. I even put on my wooden shoes for these pictures! I had to do something Dutch!! Then we all went to Somonauk to take some pictures with Darrell’s dad’s grave. We also met Darrell’s mom, brother Rodney, sister Lanette and Bob there. After that we said goodbye to them because Lanette and Bob had to go back home to Michigan. Then Darrell and me brought the tuxes back to Men’s Warehouse and dropped off my bouquet to the floral preservation place. Then we all came to our house and opened up our presents! Yay! Then we had dinner at Benedict’s in Montgomery. Then my parent’s went home and I rode with my family from Iowa back to their hotel (because my car was still there). I then had to say goodbye to my Grandpa Pete, my Uncle LeRoy, my Aunt Diane and my Aunt Kathy who will be leaving early tomorrow to go home to Iowa.  It’s so sad that this time together went so fast and that everyone is gone and going back home. Then I drove home to Darrell (he carried me over the threshold which he also did last night at the hotel room!) We opened up all of our cards and now we are relaxing and watching Bee Movie. We will be going to bed now, with lots of things that need to get done tomorrow. If I don’t have time to write tomorrow, we’ll catch up with you again after our honeymoon on our cruise to the Bahamas! Don’t forget to come back!!!

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  1. Melissa Says:

    *HUG* It’s awesome so many people came from out of state. I know it all feels so jam-packed and fast because of everything that happened in a matter of days… But, don’t worry, when things slow down and you’re relaxing on your honeymoon vacation, all these things will get to replay in your head! I’m looking forward to putting together the slides with the pictures! Until then, have a blast on your honeymoon, and God bless you guys!