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Well Darrell’s and my honeymoon cruise to the Bahamas is over. We got back Friday night. We had the best time!!!! I know that Darrell really had a good time, and that makes me enjoy it that much more. I have equilibrium problems and syncope so there were times when I could feel the boat swaying so badly that I thought we were going to tip over, the funny part is, no one else seemed to notice it. I really did enjoy everything, especially watching Darrell having so much fun! The only bad thing was ALL OF THE FOOD!!!! They feed you 24/7!!! Darrell ate too much I think, because now he says he needs to go on a diet!!! My dad was jelous because if he ever gets to go on a cruise that is what he would be looking forward to, the food! On Monday we were able to just walk around the ship to see where everything was, there were 12 floors!!! Tuesday we went to Nassau, Bahamas. Wednesday was CoCoCay, Bahamas, Thursday was Key West, Florida, and Friday were were back in Miami. When I have some more time I will write some more about some specific things that we did in each location, plus on the ship. Also, one of these days there will be pictures of our honeymoon (and of the wedding as well!) So please keep checking back for more!!! 

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  1. Beth Says:

    Haha, that’s awesome. I can’t remember, but the ship you were on might be the same one Tony and I had…all the places in the background look awfully familiar, anyway. And I totally know what you mean about the food–I think that was what we missed the most when we got home, lol! More importantly, we’re glad you guys had a great time! Sorry you had to come back to Chicago from all those tropical areas right when it’s getting cold. :p The pictures you took are really fun, too!