I bet you can’t guess what it is?!

Posted on Feb 10, 2008 under Wedding Theme | 8 Comments

The theme of our wedding is going to be farm related and tractor related!! The color is green, with some splashes of red here and there.

You should see all of the tractor and John Deere items that my dad found for the wedding. It’s amazing!!!!! I havn’t decided yet if I’m going to write on here everything we found or if it should be a surprise, I’ll have to get back to you on that one!

8 Responses to “I bet you can’t guess what it is?!”

  1. Monica Says:

    When I was planning my wedding I saw soooooooo many cute john deere items! I can’t wait for you wedding!

  2. Adam Says:

    Would be cute if the bridesmaids wore straw hats with ribbon and if you held a little pitchfork instead of a bouquet! It would be a truly “John Deere” themed wedding!



  3. Adam Says:

    Ummm… Kristy?

    86 that pitchfork idea… I forgot that the “bouquet” gets “thrown.”

    On a brighter note, Melissa ought to be up by then so she can attend!!! 🙂

  4. Melissa Says:

    Yeah, “86 that idea!!” Or else I’d be seriously wondering why Adam’s that excited about me attending a wedding with pitchfork-throwing going on! 😛

    Hope you’re laughing, Kristy… Your wedding’s going to be lots of fun!!

  5. Janean Says:


    Best, not to forget the International Red, I know my brother has a favorite among tractors { International Red}…
    Hope I didn’t get him in trouble. Happy Planning!!!

  6. Anj. Says:

    I wanna catch the pitchfork! I’ll shove that Melissa outta the way if that’s what it takes! But then, who does that mean I’ll marry??? The Devil or the Farmer in the Dell? (:

  7. Melissa Says:

    HA… Well then, if Anjeanette insists on catching the “bouquet,” I think she better consult you, Kristy, about throwing a fireman’s axe instead of a pitchfork!! You know – to stick with the bouquet-serving-as-a-weapon idea! 😀

  8. Anj. Says:

    Ooooh, I’ve done Tomahawk throwing at Yorkville hunting and fishing days!! Kristy, you should check that out before your wedding, and you’ll be a skilled tosser!