Preserving my dress!

Posted on Nov 19, 2008 under My Wedding Dress | Comments are off

I am getting my wedding dress, my wedding shoes and my veil preserved. We have decided to go with the museum method. I can’t wait. My parents came over on Sunday and my dad helped us get my dress in this tiny box they sent and then on Monday I had to bring the box to a UPS store. I can’t wait to get it back, but it is going to take so many months, not even really sure how long! Museum method is what Darrell and me chose to do because neither one of us wanted me to have this beautiful dress that was worn only once and then stuffed into a box! With the museum method it is preserved just like clothing would be preserved for a museum display. It will be in a bag and comes with special gloves so that you can always open the bag, look at the dress, show others, and it will never ruin! It is so exciting!! Maybe once it does come back I can get a picture of it up on here!!!

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